A reminder of what Car and Driver did, so that we may lust forever, for even though it made no financial sense for Mazda to do it themselves, it should have been because it could be done and the gods of hoonage demand it: » 9/27/14 12:59am Saturday 12:59am

On the subject of fancy-pants IPAs, I really wish the whole black IPA thing that pretty much every American craft brewer discovered a couple years back would have wound up taking off. Seriously, the chocolatey, coffee-like richness of roasted malt is just begging for a whole mess of oily, citrusy hops to provideā€¦ » 9/27/14 12:26am Saturday 12:26am

Goo-Net: Best Kei Ever Edition

I have not made my love of the Mitsubishi Minica Dangan ZZ-4 a secret here. It's a monster. The combination of a 660cc 3-pot with 5 valves per cylinder that revs to 9500 rpm and the computer-controlled AWD system that later appeared in the Lancer Evolution stuffed into a car the size and weight of a lunchbox producesā€¦ » 9/26/14 10:04pm Friday 10:04pm

My new car is in it, so now the question is what do I want for Christmas, a GeForce GTX 970 (I'm running a 660 right now and could use an upgrade) or a Xbox One and this (I love my PS4 to death but who knows when Gran Turismo 7 will come out). » 9/26/14 9:21pm Friday 9:21pm